This rebuildable concentrate atomizer from Divine Tribe and Longmada is based around a quartz crucible with two barrel heaters threaded through its base. It is fully rebuildable and we carry a full selection of replacement parts at reasonable prices. It is relatively easy to short this atomizer, so WE INSIST THAT YOU USE A REGULATED POWER SOURCE WITH THIS ITEM. None of them fancy mechanical mods. Play it safe. 


This unit is geared towards advanced users; beginners may wish to learn more about the Saionara or EZ Sai.

Quartz Quest concentrate heater

  • The Quartz Quest features an all-quartz airflow path. Temperature control can be obtained using settings listed in the included instruction booklet; the device also works effectively in wattage mode. A gentle touch is needed on the air intake; too hard of a draw will splatter oil.

  • We want you to be happy. If your unit is working incorrectly, please let us know. Often, a simple fix is all that's necessary. PLEASE ADJUST YOUR BATTERY SETTINGS BEFORE ATTACHING THE QUARTZ QUEST TO YOUR MOD BATTERY. Please briefly test the unit before use to make sure it heats up. The upper cap is delicate, please take extreme care when removing and replacing it. If the unit is DOA or any individual piece is defective, we will repair or replace it; heaters and quartz pieces are considered consumables.