This rebuildable concentrate atomizer from Divine Tribe and Crossing features an all-ceramic heater and upper body on a user-rebuildable deck. It is fully rebuildable and we carry a full selection of replacement parts at reasonable prices. 


We would recommend this unit for users who want a dedicated wax vape with an all-ceramic airpath; if you want the ability to vape both dry herb and concentrate, we recommend the Saionara atomizer.

Divine Crossing v3 Concentrate Atomizer

  • The DCv3 features an all-ceramic airflow path. Temperature control can be obtained using settings listed in the included instruction booklet; the device also works effectively in wattage mode. Avoid overloading the device, and take care to occasionally dismantle it for cleaning.

  • We want you to be happy. If your unit is working incorrectly, please let us know. Often, a simple fix is all that's necessary. PLEASE ADJUST YOUR BATTERY SETTINGS BEFORE ATTACHING THE DCv3 TO YOUR MOD BATTERY. Please briefly test the unit before use to make sure it heats up. Ceramic is breakable, please take care not to drop your unit on hard surfaces. If the unit is DOA or any individual piece is defective, we will repair or replace it; heaters and ceramic pieces are considered consumables, and replacements are available for purchase.